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  • Recruitment practice on spec


    Industrial enterprises in Germany prepare for the demographic changes and the ensuing shortage of professionals by recruiting personnel as a precaution. That is at least the assessment of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, why the number of people working in the manufacturing industry – 5.3 million

  • How to recruit Generation Y?


    They are informed, well-educated and tech-savvy. Personnel managers sometimes struggle with the so-called “millennials” and their demanding attitude. At the same time they are much sought after. Therefore, enterprises that want to talk to Generation Y are well advised to get acquainted with their behaviour patterns – and

  • Flow – in progress with one’s own work


    When a person forgets time and is completely focused on what he is doing at the moment and has become one with the activity – then the person is in flow. Many know this condition from their hobbies and it is possible to reach the same state in your

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