Slowly but surely social networks in the Internet are becoming a competition for online job agencies and even more so for advertisers in newspapers and magazines. Already every tenth position can be filled today via Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook and Co. This is the result published in the Social Media Recruiting Report 2013 by the Institute for Competitive Recruiting in Heidelberg.


In a ranking of all recruitment channels the interactive platforms have advanced to third place. Three years ago they were still in seventh place. As a result, the approach of personnel managers has changed fundamentally: today, a little less than half uses social media to actively approach applicants and candidates; in 2010 this figure was only 20 percent.

Especially popular for recruiting is the Xing business network. This is no surprise, because members publish their CV and present their knowledge and qualifications. According to the report, employers find more and better candidates in this way than passively waiting for the responses from job advertisements. Thus they draw the conclusions and plan to increase their budgets for social media recruiting.