HR Complete

Professional HR management plays just as important a role in the success of a company as correct bookkeeping. We will manage your human resources and take care of all HR-related obligations, if necessary, so that your company can focus on its main activity.

HR complete is our program that lets small and medium-size enterprises access professional and modern HR management. The service is performed based on a monthly rutine of agreed activities and covers many separate activities that need to be carried out accurately and with great care. You can trust us with the organisation of the recruitment process as well as with the subsequent employee registration and management of all documents related to employment relationships. We also track working hours and holiday schedules, and organise performance appraisal interviews, training and medical examinations according to the needs of your employees.


HR Complete

In addition to managing routine activities, we can help you out with all strategic questions when planning your human resources, and advise management. To guarantee efficient operation of a company, it is important to establish good HR processes and optimise the structure of the company to match its business purposes.
  • tick-circle-redRegular planning of HR
  • tick-circle-redDevelopment and training
  • tick-circle-redHR process optimisation

Our Clients and Partners

Our clients range from big international companies with thousands of employees to small local businesses. All of them have a common desire to get professional support in the matters of the fast-changing job market. Get in touch with us so that we can help you make your HR processes more efficient and thus get closer to fulfilling your business purposes.

Get in touch with HR factory and we will find you an HR solution that best meets the needs of your company.

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