They are informed, well-educated and tech-savvy. Personnel managers sometimes struggle with the so-called “millennials” and their demanding attitude. At the same time they are much sought after. Therefore, enterprises that want to talk to Generation Y are well advised to get acquainted with their behaviour patterns – and it is best to do so during the recruiting process.

Personnel managers have to change into social-media managers and make sure that their enterprise is present in the constantly growing networks such as Google+, Facebook or Twitter and they have to provide interesting contents.

Even at times when no new employees are searched for: the regular maintenance of these channels contributes so that the company is perceived as a modern, attractive player. It is in this place where a job offer will get the most attention among young people and will be disseminated. Furthermore, a suitable tender should consider the need of information of Generation Y: profiles of superiors and colleagues, 360-degree views of the workplace, establishing topic-related groups or the embedding into Google Maps and Street View – the interactive web offers many opportunities.