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About HR factory

HR factory is a flexible and versatile HR solutions company operating on the market since 2002. HR factory is offering flexible HR services to companies of various sizes and with various needs not only in Europe, but beyond as well. We can help your company in specific areas as well as be your strategic partner in the overall management of human resources. As an international company, we are able to share with you the experiences and inspirational success stories of large companies.

Our Promise to You


We care

People are the biggest asset of any company. The goal of the HR factory team is to help your company develop such an excellent HR management system that we ourselves would want to work for you.


We are flexible

Our name indicates that we can carry out all tasks quickly and effectively as well as keep our promises. At the same time, we are creative and flexible in our search for solutions, taking into account the particular needs of your company.


HR management is our passion

HR management is our true calling – it is not just our job, but also our hobby. Because of this, we always keep ourselves enthusiastically up to date with all the news and success stories in this fast-changing field, so that we can use these same practices in the HR management of your organisation, whenever suitable.


We dare to ask questions

Although it is not always pleasant to ask and answer hard-hitting questions, we are convinced that the better we know a company, the more we can help. This is why we dare to ask questions – it helps us to gain a fresh perspective on the HR management processes of your company.

Our Team

The HR factory team consists of 60 experienced professionals, who all consider HR management to be their true calling. Our employees are not tied down by traditional working hours, and therefore can help you out even after hours, should you need it.

Our 10. anniversary

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